Historical salvage.



Sarah Seaver began her work creating a series of decorative neo-victorian natural history displays for sale in what was then her father's antique store in Jaffrey, NH. After developing a small following at various antiques fairs in New York and Massachusetts she began to expand her work to include blackly humorous, often allegorical, assemblages using more taboo materials such as medical specimens and early prints and documents. Frequently employing bone and insects in her work, Sarah cringes at the use of the word "morbid" to describe it. "All these things, even death, are so incredible," she says “to call them 'gruesome' or 'creepy' is to deny our place in what can only be described as the natural mystery and miss out on an important opportunity to consider our relationship with it".

Now a partner at that same antique store, Seaver & McLellan Antiques, Sarah frequently squirrels away merchandise for use in collage or one of her dioramas, and is constantly seeking useful objects and materials. Please use the contact form below if you think you may have something suitable for destruction/resurrection.

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